Cookeasy.My; Rakhael & Jishnu’s Effort To Help Fellow Malaysians Affected Financially By The Pandemic

Brace yourselves with the brilliance and at the same time cuteness of two 12-year-olds that would simply make your day! 


Enterprising Rakhael & Jishnu have taken it upon themselves to sell Deepavali kits, cookies, raw items such as chicken, mutton, onions, potatoes and other special items to help those severely affected financially by the uneventful Covid-19 pandemic.

The boys have come with an idea of helping those that have lost their jobs or had to face a huge pay-cut in these recent months since the start of the outbreak. Hence, anyone who intends to make a living by selling food can use their platform to promote their food business.

Juggling with their online classes, home-work, sports and not to forget their game sessions as well, the boys took 2 months to create a website named and persuaded their relatives to assist in providing their secret recipes on making cookies and traditional Indian cuisine.

In order to create a website, the boys made use of the shopify framework and followed the guidelines accordingly. They soon found out that they would not be able to create their desired website without making any payments. In the nick of time, one of their dad’s  stepped in to help fulfill their dream by contributing a certain amount of money in order for these boys to kick-start their website.

The boys folks wholeheartedly supported the actions and pursuits of their sons and are proud parents of what they’ve accomplished so far. These talented young boys also shared on their official Instagram account on the type of Deepavali cooking kits that is presently being sold on their platform, watch em’ here: 

What’s more amazing, these feisty young boys delivered 23 hampers in a SINGLE day, at multiple places. They also shared the cookies with frontliners including police officers and doctors who served through the Covid-19 campaign restrictions to keep the country safe.

Watch the full story of below and you will be impressed!

Let’s support the spirited boys by purchasing their Deepavali items via their official Instagram account and website!

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