The Hindu Society of the University of Malaya will host their 4th Hindu Youth Conference, which will concentrate on “Ancient Hindu cosmology and biology.”

This conference will be led by insightful speakers who will guide participants through concise explanations of knowledge on the subject matter. This upcoming event will take place virtually on Microsoft Teams on April 3rd and 4th.


In addition, every Friday from the 12th of March to the 2nd of April, there will be an online quiz competition. So, if you are keen to participate in this competition, don’t worry you’re not too late.

The HiSUM telegram channel will have notes on the quiz’s topic, and the link to the quiz will be shared on HiSUM’s official Facebook and Instagram pages.

This event will be open to all Indian students & lecturers from local and international universities, and the top three quiz winners will stand a chance to win exciting prizes as well as certificates for all entrants.

There will also be various contests conducted during the conference, with questions focused on the talk of our speakers.

The admission of this event will be free thus all youths are encouraged to participate in this conference.

Check out the competition details 

Venue: Microsoft Teams 

Date : 3rd & 4th April 2021 

 Time : 7.30pm

For further inquiries and bookings, do DM the person in charge below or mail to [email protected]

Hemalatha Natarajan – 011-3124 2739

Thivyah Subramaniam- 01128917527