Malaysia’s Indian Transformation Unit (MITRA), an organization under the Malaysian government has been successfully supporting the Indian community. The founding of the Malaysian Indian Transformation Unit (MITRA) started in 2008 when the Government introduced a few programs to encourage Indian involvement through the Cabinet Committee on Indian Involvement in Government Programs and Projects (CCIC).

MITRA’s key role is to recognize existing problems and concerns impacting the Indian community, to enforce the socio-economic development initiative as well as to encourage cooperation between the State and the private sector for the growth of the Indian population in Malaysia. The Malaysian Indian Transformation Unit (MITRA), managed by the Ministry of National Unity, is an entity dealing entirely with the growth of the B40 Indian community in Malaysia.

MITRA has been a pillar and stepping stone to organise many events pertaining to help and bring out many hidden talents of the Indian community under the limelight. Their current program now is Pertubuhan Akademik Muzik India, (PAMI). PAMI is an initiative to demonstrate the connection of culture and music through a pragmatic approach in which music can be used to expedite meaningful learning opportunities for children and young people. This gives them an opportunity to build effective life skills enabling them to make better choices to interact efficiently and improve communication and self-management skills.

The president of Pertubuhan Akademik Muzik India (PAMI) is Malini d/o Nageswaran, educator, trainer, singer, and Founder of My Music Gang. My Music Gang a program under PAMI works to establish a collaborative music curriculum that provides fundamental music lessons, combined with human rights empowerment and life skills particularly for the B40 community. She has performed in various stages, TV shows and radio programs such as Bintang Ai Minnal finalist 2016, garnered a million hits on Youtube for her own songs and covers.

The programme manager of Pertubuhan Akademik Muzik India (PAMI), Nimalesh Athimulan is a nanotech engineer graduate turned artist and professional photographer who owns a studio in Kuala Lumpur. He is also the founder of AVANDARTZ. His art was premiered in various prestigious exhibitions and has published a Tamizh Art Poem Book and an ebook on Digital Illustration. He also manages all the programs of PAMI as the program manager of Pertubuhan Akademik Muzik India (PAMI).

Source: Pertubuhan Akademik Music India (PAMI)’s Facebook Page

The brainchild of this program is Vinesh Kumar s/o Palani. The Vice President of Pertubuhan Akademik Muzik India (PAMI), holds many roles as a Music Director, Entrepreneur, Trainer, Music Facilitator. He is an award winning Music Director & Singer in Anugerah Industri Muzik 2013. He has over 10 years of experience in the Indian Music Industry and has performed in various prestigious stage, TV and radio programs. Vinesh Kumar has also produced numerous top songs and worked on background scores for various telemovies and short films featured in TV channels such as RTM and Astro and as well as online platforms such as Youtube.

Source: MITRA KPN’s Facebook Page

PAMI has recently launched an excellent song production workshop with MITRA KPN to strengthen Indian identity for youths through a song making workshop. The soul purpose of this event is to help these young people mould and develop the required skills they need in other professions they partake in the future. Ideally, this program will enable the participants to develop useful skills that improve their chances of having jobs or creating more opportunities for them in the corporate world. This exclusive 10 weeks workshop is open to 18 years old and above, and top priority is given to the B40 community all over Malaysia. The program is only open to a close group of 50 people.

An online audition from 7/07/2020 – 8/08/2020 would take place and chosen applicants will thereafter be auditioned through a face-to – face audition in three major states, JB, Kuala Lumpur and Pulau Pinang. The chosen participants will then get to join in the workshops. There’ll be 2 classes each weekend, with a total of 160 hours/20 sessions. The students will be given the privilege to write their own songs and will be launched at a grand launch, with them performing it.

The workshop will discuss ways to make songs based on culture and belief, song recording training, writing lyrics, vocal guidance and marketing. The aim of this workshop is to give a true insight into the music production process, to take up initial ideas, to explore different approaches and to create music that incorporates Indian culture and beliefs. Participants will look in depth at ways to refine their ideas and enhance them with culture and the arts.

PAMI plays a great role in building a platform for them to carve their own success pathway through music. This event is a remarkable program to enhance the skills of the youths in the Indian community driving them to greater heights to do well. It establishes self-identity, values orientation, attitudes and helps to inhibit them from being embroiled in negative effects of the society.