People always say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And that’s exactly what the girls will be doing in this episode of Arya’s Enga Veetu Mapillai.

The girls in the mansion have been tasked to cook for their Prince Charming, and the winner of the challenge will score a romantic, intimate date with him. So far, only Agatha has won a dinner date with Arya after winning the ‘Love Letter’ challenge.

Arya diligently sampled all the cooking, and one particular chicken dish stood out from the rest and impressed his palates. The chicken dish was prepared by Naveena, a 29-year-old model from Hyderabad – who emerged winner of the challenge.

Naveena did not only score a romantic dinner date with Arya, she also got to spend some time with him in the kitchen while the actor tried to impress her with his signature sunny-side-up egg. He also promised to cook it for her every morning.

After that, their proceeded with their dinner date, surrounded with elaborate floral setting to set the romantic mood.

During dinner, Arya confessed to Naveena that he’s not used to romantic dates like this, and this is the first time he’s making such an effort for a girl. Naveena said that it was the same for her – no one has taken her on an intimate dinner date likes this.

Arya also (perhaps jokingly) revealed that he wanted six kids, much to Naveena’s surprise. Naveena had earlier said that she only wanted 2 kids. Naveena then suggested that they could have 2 kids and then resort to adoption. Arya agreed – and he also suggested that they adopt up to 11 kids so they can form a cricket team.