Marrying a celebrity is not an easy feat. You have to be able to handle the limelight, the paparazzi, the red carpets, and all that jazz.

In order to prepare the ladies for life in the fab lane, the ladies were given a styling and catwalk workshop this week on Enga Veetu Mapillai. They were tasked to pick out a glamorous outfit, do their hair and make up – and then rock the runway.

The 14 girls also had two mentors to guide them in the glamming up process.

Aside from walking the runway, the girls were posed with brain-teasers and questions about real-life situations with Arya.

Even though Arya seemed really impressed with Susanna and Agatha, the winner of the challenge turned out to be Shreya, a video jockey and model from Kerala.

Since Shreya won the challenge and earned the Token of Love, she will be safe from the next elimination.