As you guys already know, Susanna scored a date with Arya after winning the kolam challenge. Her heart-shaped kolam stood out from the rest and really impressed the 37-year-old actor.

As her prize, she won the Token of Love, which makes her safe from the next elimination – and Arya decided to take her on a hot air ballon date.

“She came all the way from Canada for me. So I wanted to do something special, I wanted to take her up in the air again,” Arya said.

Both Susanna and Arya confessed that this has been the most romantic date of their lives. during the date, Susanna shared a lot about her personal life. She also decided to show Arya pictures of her son, Nathan.

“If I choose Susanna, I’m choosing her son too. Her son means the world to her, so it’s very important that I understand that,” Arya added.

In an earlier episode, Susanna admitted that she was married before – and is currently divorced with a son. Arya said that it was not a problem for him, so long as they are compatible for each other.

Here are pictures from their romantic date. Be jealous!

And the perfect date ended with a kiss on the forehead… *dies of jealousy