Tonight’s episode of Enga Veetu Mapillai is probably the most suspenseful episode ever. With Ayeesha eliminated, the episode ends with Saathvika and Abarnathy in the bottom two. One of them will say goodbye to Arya and leave the palace heartbroken.

According to Arya, Abarnathy was placed in the bottom three because she is overconfident and needs to learn to adapt to different environment.

“Abarnathy is overconfident, childish and rude, and I think that has a lot to do with why she is in the bottom three this week,” Arya said.   

“She can be herself, but she needs to know how to adapt to different situations accordingly. She needs to learn how to compromise. She can’t always have her way. If she doesn’t like things a certain, she must learn how to compromise,” he added.

It looks like Abarnathy was deliberately placed in bottom three so Arya can teach her a lesson in humility. But will she be able to continue on in the journey to become Arya’s life partner, or does it end tonight?