After winning the sports challenge on Enga Veetu Mapillai; Abarnathy, Sita Lakshmi, Swetha, Shreya, and Saathvika all got to spend an evening by a bonfire with Arya.

Upon Arya’s request, Swetha decided to do a mimicry of some of the girls on the show to entertain the crowd. She imitated Agatha, Sita Laksmi, Abarnathy, and Susanna.

After Swetha’s performance ended, Sita Lakshmi asked Arya if she could have a little personal time with him. Arya couldn’t say no to her, especially since she had just given him a rose – which he thought was very romantic. Despite objections from Abarnathy, Arya took Sita Lakshmi’s hand and the two went off-camera to have a personal conversation.

The other girls seemed okay with it – until the night ended and they all went back to the palace. The serenity disappeared as Shreya, Swetha, and the rest ganged up on Sita Lakshmi, telling her she had no right to take Arya off-camera to have a conversation. They also called her selfish.


Sita Lakshmi defended herself, saying she wanted to share a very personal matter with Arya, which is why they had to go off-camera. The rest didn’t buy her excuse, they insist that every conversation anyone has with Arya should be done in front of the camera.

Ultimately, she apologised and broke into tears – and the other girls called truce.