Looks like Enga Veetu Mapillai is not really everyone’s cup of tea.

The show, in which we see 16 girls trying their best to win over Arya’s heart in the hopes of becoming his wife is facing a lot of backlash, especially in Madurai.

Members of the Southern Districts Women Federation and Adi Thamilar Peravai have filed a petition to the Madras High Court on Tuesday to ban Colours TV Tamil’s Enga Veetu Mapillai. 

According to the petitioners, the show is portraying Indian women in bad light and degrading them episode by episode. Apart from that, they also feel that Arya and Sangeetha are leading the ladies down a wrongful path.

BehindWoods reported that the petitioners have made a request to the high court to ban the TV show and take necessary actions against actor Arya and host Sangeetha.

But really? 16 ladies who are all adults and willingly participated in the reality show, what’s wrong with that?

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