On this episode of Enga Veetu Mapillai, the girls were put to a memory challenge in order to win a date with Arya.

The remaining 9 girls had to battle it out in a challenge where they had to count the number items on display, and use that number to unlock a box – which contains a personalised love letter from Arya.

Swetha, who started out slow, was the first to unlock the box, retrieve Arya’s love letter and win the challenge. Close behind her was Shreya, who also managed to finish ahead of the other girls.


Both Swetha and Shreya went on to have their special date with Arya, but it was Swetha’s chill-by-the-pool date that made everyone super jealous. Swetha and Arya started out by having a casual conversation, and then the hunky actor suggested that they jump into the pool. Swetha obliged, and we can hear girls everywhere shrieking in jealousy.

Here are some pictures for you: