Enga Veetu Mapillai has stirred a lot of controversy since airing, much like reality TV show Bigg Boss did when it first started.

However, it’s impossible not to love the show when you watch Arya’s charm and goofiness taking centerstage in every episode. The show also started becoming more enjoyable once the number of girls dropped and we got to know them all by names and became more familiar with their personality.

One person that we have gotten to know very well on the show is Abarnathy. The 20-year old fashion designer is notorious for her straightforward personality, blunt replies, and her I-don’t-give-a-f***k attitude.

Some people like her, some hate her, but I think she still has a lot to learn before she’s ready to get married to anyone.

Here are a few things I personally cannot stand about her, and let me know if you guys agree with all the points given:

  1. She doesn’t know what a ‘date’ is

A date is an opportunity to get to know someone. When you’re on a date, you talk and tell each other things about yourselves and see if you guys can click well with each other. You share funny stories and make each other laugh. You want the other person to feel good in your company.

So far, Abarnathy has had two dates with Arya (if I remember correctly), and she spent both dates doing mainly two things;

a) Forcing Arya to tell her how much he loves her (blindly assuming that he does)

b) Forcing Arya to kiss her (because that’s how you get a guy you like to kiss you)

Remember Arya’s first date with Abarnathy? She waited forever for that chance – and when she finally got it, she completely botched it. Instead of opening up to him about her feelings, she instructed him to tell her ‘I love you’, and then complained that he didn’t sound genuine when he said it.

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Remember Arya’s hot air balloon date with Susanna? They talked about each other’s lives, they joked, they laughed, and Arya had a big smile on his face the whole time. Whereas with Abarnathy, he always looks uncomfortable and cannot wait for the date to come to an end.

2. She thinks love is defined by percentage

Abernathy finally got her first date with Arya after his friends Sham and Barath suggested that he spend more time with her. Perhaps she’s just acting up because she wants attention, they said.

And what happened during that much anticipated date? Does she confess her feelings for Arya? Well, yeah, a little bit. But she was more relentless about finding out how much Arya liked her, and even forced him to give her a percentage. He said, “About 70%.”


Abarnathy spent the rest of the night arguing with him and asking where did the other 30% go. She even broke down crying. Excuse me, this is only your first date. Why don’t you ask him what are his turn ons and turn offs? What are his hobbies? His goals? His favourite colour? Favourite musician? Dream holiday destination?

They could have talked about A LOT of things. But no, she kept bugging him about that 30%.

3. She forces Arya to kiss & hug her

Every time Abarnathy gets her special time with Arya, her favourite request seems to be “can you kiss me”. And Arya’s answer is the same every time, “I will kiss you when I feel like it.”

And then Abarnathy, being Abarnathy, will spend the entire day asking him why he hasn’t ‘felt it’ yet. In fact, Arya got so fed up during the date that he told her to stop asking him for hugs and kisses – those things have to come naturally. But Abarnathy couldn’t be bothered.

“If you’re not going to kiss me, I’ll kiss you,” she replied, and then grabbed Arya’s face and kissed him on the cheek. Arya rolled his eyes and escorted her back to the palace.


Enga Veetu Mapillai: Stop Forcing Me To Hug & Kiss You, Arya Tells Abarnathy

4. She insisted on sitting on Arya’s lap – even though he wasn’t comfortable with that

Okay, this is borderline sexual harassment. As if forcing someone to hug and kiss you isn’t bad enough, she insisted on sitting on Arya’s lap during one of the dates even though he repeatedly said no. No means no, Abarnathy.

Forcing physical intimacy like that will never result in love, and if Abarnathy thinks that’s the way to Arya’s heart, she’s only sabotaging herself and making it easier for the other girls to win.

5. She’s rude to almost everyone

It’s important to be yourself, but it’s even more important to be kind.

I appreciate Abarnathy for being straightforward with everyone and speaking her mind. And I don’t even care if she wants to call Arya “vada, poda,” – that’s between them. However, it doesn’t mean that she should be harsh and rude with all the girls in the house. She always point out that the girls tend to gang up on her – but she doesn’t realise that it’s mostly because of how she treats them.

She needs to learn how to adapt to different environments and learn how to communicate with people. Fine, you’re straightforward and sarcastic, but you can’t do that to everyone and then complain when people think you’re rude. As we saw in one of the episodes, even Arya’s friends Kiki and Shanthnu were not very comfortable with the way she talked to him – and that is not a good sign.

If you’re going to marry a public figure like Arya, unfortunately you have to learn how to filter your words and be kind to people. Because if you marry him, you’re not only representing yourself, you’re also representing him.

Sit down, Abarnathy, be humble.


Enga Veetu Mapillai: Abarnathy Is Overconfident, Childish & Rude, Says Arya