On this week’s episode of Engaa Veetu Mapillai, the production team invited a fortune-teller to the show.

The fortune-teller is supposed to reveal the hidden truths about the girls, their innermost feelings, and their compatibility with Arya.

Swetha immediately made it clear that she doesn’t quite believe in fortune-telling and the likes. However, she added that she is willing to accept all positive and will ignore all the negative points.

Most of the girls received very encouraging comments from the fortune-teller, who told them that they have what it takes to make their mission a success.

When it was Susanna’s turn, host Sangeetha asked the fortune-teller to predict if her future lied in Canada or India.

“She will achieve what she came here to achieve, and then her life will continue here,” the fortune teller said. All the other girls’ faces changed and displayed utmost shock when they heard that reading. Sangeetha also jokingly asked the other girls to pack their bags and go home.

Meanwhile, Arya pretended to be upset that Susanna will be settling down in India, as opposed to him settling down in Canada.

What do you guys think? Will Susanna win Enga Veetu Mapillai?