The latest episode of Enga Veetu Mapillai was very special for all the girls; all six of them scored a special date with Arya.

All six girls; Abarnathy, Swetha, Agatha, Susanna, and Naveena were also given complete freedom to plan and curate their ideal date with Arya. Basically, they got to do what most girls can (including you and I) only dream of.

Want to know how all the dates went? We got you:

  1. Abarnathy took Arya on a pot-making workshop in the village

For the first time ever, Abarnathy was calm and polite – and also did not force Arya to hug or kiss her – perhaps she read our article! 😉 Even Arya expressed his shock multiple times, and said he was surprised that he had a good time with her.

While working on pottery, Abarnathy made sure that Arya did a good job because according to the villagers, the bigger the pot, the bigger the love between two people.

2. Swetha took Arya horse riding

This was our favourite date of the day. Swetha arranged for horse-riding even though she had never done it before.

“I tried it before and I was really afraid, so I never did it again. But maybe with you next to me, I’ll feel better.” Swetha told Arya.

And what guy wouldn’t feel like a Superman when a girl tells him things like that? He obliged.

Their horse riding was followed by a fancy afternoon tea, where Swetha got the yes-you-can-sit-on-my-lap pass from Arya. Things…got a little heated up from there, which resulted in us squealing and punching the wall.

3. Naveena engaged in paint fight with Arya

While Naveena said she had the best time with Arya, the hunky actor looked a bit bored during the date. We feel like Naveena may have wasted a golden opportunity with Arya, because all she really did was paint a funny picture, and then channelled her cheeky side by panting on his face and shirt.

4. Arya took Agatha to the Taj Mahal

Nope, we didn’t type wrongly. While all the other girls planned their dates for Arya, it was Arya who took Agatha on a surprise trip to see the Taj Mahal. And no, we don’t know know why. Is Arya sending us a secret message?

5. Susanna enjoyed a romantic dinner & barbecue with Arya  

Susanna and Arya hung out and talked about a lot of things; mostly about their future, her son, Naidan. Both of them seemed to be getting closer and closer each day.

In fact, we can almost see Arya’s face lighting up whenever he talked to Susanna. They also shared an intimate dance and stared into each others’ eyes – while we clenched our first in utmost envy.

6. Seetha Lakshmi finally got her first date with Arya

Seetha Lakshmi has incessantly complained that she never got a special date with Arya. In fact, she was the only one in the Top 6 that she never went on a date wit him or received a ‘Token of Love’ from him. The closest she got to a date was the pre-wedding photoshoot that they had.

However, during the date, both of them looked a bit awkward and did not appear to be very comfortable with each other. Kunju seemed nervous for the most part, while Arya tried his best to be nice and sweet to alleviate the awkwardness.

Varnam’s Top 3 Prediction: Based on his interaction with all the girls, we think the Top 3 girls will be Susanna, Agatha, and Swetha.