In the latest episode of Enga Veetu Mapillai, it is time for Arya to meet all five girls in their homes and get to know their family and close friends.

The first girl to receive his visit was Abarnathy and her family. Arya received a grand welcome from them, and then proceeded to have a friendly chat with all her family members and relatives.

After the casual meet and greet, Arya decided to spend some alone time with her mother to get to know Abarnathy and her family better. The mom was very sweet, she said she believed that Arya is a good man and will definitely take very good care of Abarnathy and her family.

However, halfway during their conversation, Abarnathy’s mom got very emotional and started crying. She told Arya how she never had a son and how her husband is always abroad for work – so there is hardly any man at home. She hopes that Arya can fill that void and can take over as the man of the house.

Arya calmed her down and assured her that he’s aware of the situation. He said he will try his best to live up to that expectation should he get married to Abarnathy.