On the latest episode of Enga Veetu Mapillai

After Abarnathy and Swetha, it was time for Seetha Lakshmi aka Kunju to welcome Arya at her home.

Arya met up with Seetha Lakshmi at the temple and the two shared a quiet prayer moment together. Before leaving the temple, Kunju made Arya break a coconut to make sure the house visit goes well.

Arya and Seetha Lakshmi surprisingly clicked very well during the house visit. Arya was all jokes and tease. After Seetha Lakshmi gave him some coffee, he teased her by asking her to sing. Kunju obliged, and she belted out the classic ‘Alaipayuthey’ song for him.

Arya also got along really well with her parents, they talked and laughed about a lot of things. Since Seetha Lakshmi’s brother was not around to see him, Arya engaged in a Skype call with him and chatted for a bit.