Apart from loving this pregnant phase in her life and proudly flaunting her baby bump, Sameera has also actively embarked on a cause that aims at body positivity. Sameera says her campaign, hash-tagged ‘imperfectlyperfect’ is her attempt to promote body positivity, self-worth, self-love amongst women who have body-image issues, and who have to deal with societal stereotypes on what makes a woman attractive.

So, for now, Sameera is letting the cameras roll and sensuously zoom in on her pregnant bliss and “the miracle of life in my belly ”


This, she explains, is her way of reaching out to people who have body-image issues, who are bullied both online and otherwise for being fat, for not being fair, who have trouble accepting the changes that happen to their bodies during and after pregnancy.

“Here I am, with all my back fat and my bump, doing this underwater shoot, and proudly claiming this is who I am. Women should start by loving themselves, and not allow themselves to be taken in by the unreal demands of social media.”

Sameera says she’s shocked to see the insane constant filtering that women resort to, and how they botox and starve themselves to fit into an ideal of beauty defined by social media.

The underwater-photoshoot, the actress says, set her free.

“Yes, I’ve received my fair share of trolling on social media. There are people who’ve had issues with me showing off my bump, my cleavage, my stomach, my shooting in a swimsuit; both women and men advised I should be sitting quiet, they commented that I looked chubby; they even gleefully spotted the odd white hair. It’s sad how we feel this pressure to lead the so-called perfect lifestyles we come across on Facebook and Instagram, and the ones we think celebrities have. I want to break this myth. We women are very hard on ourselves. I want all women — teens, young women, older women, pregnant women, ageing women — to love and accept themselves.”

Yes, this is the kind of message we need to put out more! The pictures are amazing!