Underwater shoots aren’t new, but have definitely become quite the popular in the fashion world this year. The Kalank star has posed for the latest issue of Vogue magazine, wearing the brightest of gowns and dresses and striking some unbelievable poses under water.

Every photo you look at in this shoot series will make you wonder exactly how did the actress manage to pose in such insane positions, that too underwater. Her dresses for the shoot ranged from a sequinned swimsuit, to a bright neon gown and a blue embellished dress. The clothes look as stunning as Alia in them.


The actress talked about wanting to be in the limelight since she was kid. When she was four, she sang with a group at school and the teacher pulled her to the front to say, “Everybody, sing like Alia.” She says, “I remember being the centre of attention and I loved it. That was the day I decided: something similar for the rest of my life would be nice.”