Following the outbreak of the Covid-19 in Malaysia, singer and songwriter Russell Curtis found an unique way to show his support for the movement control order (MCO).

A combined effort of Russell and his talented friends Roshan Jamrock, Melissa Sasa, Frances Tsen, Brendan de Cruz, Kazt and Danielle Desiree Williams, the track Staying Home has been released on social media, and has gotten a lot of attention.

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I really wanted to help spread the message about how staying home literally means saving lives. So I wrote a song. It’s what I do. I also got some very talented friends to perform on it. Apologies for the production quality. I produced the track and video entirely on my iPhone XS. Hope you enjoy it anyway. I would really appreciate if you can pls share this with every person you know and let’s flatten the curve together. God bless my comrades who without any hesitation shared their talent for this. Please follow all of them on their various social networks. @iamroshanjamrock @melissasasa @francestsen @brendandecruz @kaztpinto @danielle_desiree_williams Staying Home Words and Music – Russell Curtis Rap lyrics – Roshan Jamrock Hey Malaysia what’s up, I know this may be hard, But we have to be strong, To get through this, We really need to stay home, It’s not worth it to go, And get exposed, And put loved ones at risk Chorus Stay at home, don’t go outside Think of those on the frontlines Fighting hard for us each day and night, Together we can win this war, Remember what we’re fighting for Staying home right now is saving lives Rap Lemme see you stay hooome, Do the macauley culkin, While the front line saves lives they workin, Yo! if you wanna be a hero too, it really dont (doesnt) take much all you gotta do ! is just, stay inside, so fresh so clean, its a nice day to be alive, Jamrock #blessyou with tha knowledge, stay home and do the #MalaysianMusicCoverChallenge #therealrussellcurtisproject #stayhomesavelives #stayinghome #flattenthecurve #malaysiantalents #singersongwriters #originalmusic #iphoneproducer #malaysianartists #roshanjamrock #melissasasa #francestsen #brendandecruz #daniellewilliams #khairulanwar

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“Together, we can win this war, remember what we’re fighting for,” Better words could not have been said, Russell.