We are on our last week of the Malaysian government imposed Movement Control Order (MCO) and many of us have taken on new roles, from amateur singer to yoga junkie. As we were trying hard to block out rumours that the MCO is going to be extended, we decided to list down recipes from 5 Malaysians who are experts in their own fields, but now have become supercooks.

Kavin Jay

Don’t let Kavin Jay’s grumpy mood fool you, this stand up comic is a really good cook. Or so we think, from his pictures. His recipes are easy to follow and always have the much needed dash of humour. Try out Kavin’s dumpling recipe for starters! Alternatively, if you need laughs more than you need to cook, check out Kavin’s The Macha Men Podcast here.

Anuja Ananthan

Those familiar with yoga teacher Anuja’s profile know that she occasionally shares recipes. With the MCO, however, her recipes have become a guide for the many of us who have just begun to venture into the kitchen. Not only are they easy to follow, she helpfully lists down the vegetarian options too! Thank you Anuja!

Nehsan Selvaraj

Journalist turned singer Nehsan Selvaraj is making the most of his lockdown period by exploring his culinary side. Currently based in Dubai, this 21 year old genuinely enjoys cooking, and it shows through many of his IGTV recipes. Inspired by his parents, Nehsan revealed that he always wanted to be a chef. Although his journey now involves music, it will never deter him from cooking, he says. Fantastic!

Dr Revady

Known for her Instagram profile that is oozing with positivity, Dr Revady has build a brand for herself that revolves around fun, fashion and the law of attraction. She often shares her meals and the recipes with her followers too. What we absolutely adore about her recipes are how they don’t require any ingredient that is difficult to get, especially now. Thanks for the recipes for food and our mental health, Dr Revady!

Dharshamini Kesavan

Stand up comic Dharshamini has been sharing her numerous recipes through IGTV during the MCO, and we are ecstatic. Her recipes are incredibly unique, it isn’t exactly google-able and they are classic recipes, most that us millenials have never heard of. Seriously, have you even heard of biskut goreng?

While staying indoors is difficult for many of us, doing things like cooking, if you are up to it, helps. Give it a shot!