Mani Ratnam said with the film industry disrupted due to the Covid-19 pandemic, filmmaking will undergo changes in terms of reduced budgets that will definitely need the support of the big stars.

He said though he is positive that the industry will be able to sail through with enough changes, what is possibly required is a bit of help.


“The fact that the immediate theatre release is going to get difficult, market is going to get eroded, means that I have to make sure the cost of my film is brought down – That it is manageable to make the filmmaking viable”

“Which means, people involved in it, especially big stars and technicians will have to understand and help in reducing the price, reducing the cost and work towards making sure the film industry remains afloat,” he said.

The director was speaking at SICCI webinar series on the topic – The future of movies and entertainment. The director said the industry will possibly also require “little bit of help from the government.”

“It’s an industry which isn’t just simple entertainment, we do so much more. We give dreams to people, make them smile, it takes a lot of time of people who invest in this. Film industry also requires the support from the government. Hoping we will be back on our feet soon,” he added.