Once again Theyvekgan delivers a goodwill message of love in this four minute short story!

The famous Minnal FM radio jockey yet again hit an emotional chord taking social media by storm, with his latest IGTV video based on a former professional wrestler Marc More’s story about ignoring his mom. He narrates More’s story beautifully with full of emotion, touching the very hearts of his listeners.

The strong message left by Theyv at the end of the video is indeed poignant as he encourages people to be kind and understanding towards each other. He also wants people to acknowledge a mother’s never ending, all encompassing eternal love for their child and to never forsake or take one’s mother for granted.


His message eventually leaves netizens in tears while the video itself garners more than 3,278 views and positive reviews on Instagram.

Check out the full video here and be moved to tears with his special message.