Pongal is the first Tamil festival which falls on the first day of the month Thai. The four-day harvest festival holds great importance and it is historically a day to honour and offer salutations to the Sun God for agriculture abundance.


This 2021 Pongal surely marks a low scale celebration as it will be celebrated in the midst of a Movement Control Order in Malaysia. Nevertheless, there is still so much to be thankful for such as the food on our table and the many who toil for our ease.

Amidst this Covid-19 pandemic, Pattushastra has taken a positive trajectory working on a unique conceptual photoshoot unveiling an exclusive collection of veshti in appreciation of the first festival of the year!

Pattushastra was born in 2012, co founded by three sisters Kavitha, Suvitha and Jeevitha. Pattushastra prides in its kanjivaram sarees as they bring you only the best in the boutique collection.

The sisters have always taken pride in their kanjivaram sarees and in the last 3 years they have ventured into something out of the norm – designer handloom kanjivaram veshti sets! After 3 years, they felt the timing was right for them to launch the vesthi collection.

And now we present to you (drum roll)…. Arjunan by Pattushastra!

The veshti concept shoot is brought forth to define one of Mahabaratha’s epic bold character of war; Arjunan to delineate the Arjunan who is standing by us in the battlefield of COVID-19, fighting through the micro war vigorously every day, sacrificing their own lives to protect ours!

Arjunan the embodiment of courage, strength and humility
Arjunan calls the Gods in Heaven to grant him strength in battle

This veshti is custom weaved using pure unprocessed silk directly from the cocoon resulting to the raw finish, possessing a versatile thickness making it extremely comfortable and easy to be draped on.

Arjunan the unparalleled archer
Arjunan the one with the gift of wielding the bow with both of his hands

The stunning kanjivaram material with an earthy colour, is weaved meticulously for 20 days by their finest weavers.

Arjunan wields the mighty bow Gandiva and his magical quiver giving him endless supply of arrows

Pattushastra’s enthralling 9 yards of elegance comes with a shawl piece with pure gold and silver zaari detailing work!

Arjunan wields the mighty bow Gandiva and his magical quiver giving him endless supply of arrows

The artist who commemorated the entire concept perfectly was Two times SEA Games silver medalist, 7 times National Champion in Karate and Asia MMA Awards 2018 Amateur Fighter of the Year, Theebaan Govindasamy.

Arjunan displays infallible skills in archery

Theebaan was the perfect fit. He has the athletic abilities to execute the poses and embody the strength of the character.  He looked regal in the shots that were beautifully captured by Barathan who seamlessly managed to capture the fluid and versatile movements of the veshti.

Arjunan displays infallible skills in archery

The strong character portrayal is shown holding out the bow and arrow illustrating the strong-will frontliners fighting in pure diligence using stethoscopes and injections saving the lives of millions.

Frontliners were always the first to drape the responsibility of fighting against the rising Covid-19 infection amidst all hardship and struggles that came by their way.

Arjunan unleashes a shower of powerful arrows

Pattushastra compassionately valuing the sacrifices of the noble souls, brings forth this special shoot in recognition of the front liner’s astonishing services. They present their gratitude and acknowledgement for all the frontliners in the world whom have taken up the virtuous role of Arjunan to safe the nation through their exclusive veshti¬†collection.

Arjunan unleashes a shower of powerful arrows

Surfing through the waves of the global pandemic has never been an easy role for all of us. This pandemic has given us the experience of living through an unprecedented war, passing each day with hopes of not being touched by its infection.

Our real Arjunans’ out there have surely never failed to amaze us by striving hard to keep us safe from the pandemic. A heartiest salute to cherish their service and a big thank you for always shielding us with their utmost care and sacrifices!

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