Malaysia’s main treatment hub for the Covid-19 outbreak is the Sg Buloh Hospital that has been treating thousands of Covid-19 patients meticulously with victory ever since the start of the pandemic.

Hence, the hospital’s Covid-19 team has recently been recognised at  the Global Health Awards (GLA) 2020 for their steadfast efforts to combat the outbreak. 

The country has by far earned numerous global recognition for its quick and efficient methods and ways in fighting the Covid-19 outbreak.


Covid-19 was a disease outbreak that originated from Wuhan, China. The virus has become a global pandemic, millions over the world have contracted the virus and more than one million have died from the deadly virus.

The entire Covid-19 team at the hospital received immense accolades from the Malaysian authorities and the Health Director-General Tan Sri Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah.

“Heartiest congratulations to Dr. Suresh Kumar and Dr .Shaiful Azman and the entire Covid-19 team at Sungai Buloh Hospital for the recognition at the Global Health Awards 2020. Very well-deserved indeed!. The nation expresses their sincere thank you to you and your team for unwavering dedication, sacrifice and excellence in our efforts to fight Covid-19,” 

Dr. Hisham complimented and praised Dr. Suresh Kumar, who is Head of the Sungai Buloh Hospital of Infectious Disease, and Dr. Shaiful Azman Zakaria, who heads the Department of Intensive Care and Anesthesia, as well as the entire Covid-19 frontliners at the facility on this prestigious global recognition earned.

The Sg Buloh Hospital has further made a public statement that the hospital will be the main center for the COVID-19 outbreak as of 2 October 2020.

The official site of the Global Health Awards stated that its optimum goal of the Asia-Pacific global awards is to acknowledge and recognise organisations in a spectrum of regional and global markets that have consistently held high standards of excellent healthcare services and have contributed to the development on caring for their patients well-being during this outbreak.

Pertaining to this, it’s a Well-Deserved honourable and notable award received by the Sungai Buloh Hospital for their utmost efficiency and professoinalism in treating COVID-19 patients!

Congratulations to the frontliners of the Sg Buloh Hospital on this global recognition, keep up the good work!