It is a known fact that Balan Kashmir is a musician, lyricist and artist from Port Klang, and has been very active in his career till date. His journey was not an overnight success, rather the fruit of many sleepless nights.

In the last 8 months, as a son, a father, a husband, and a member of his neighbourhood, he has witnessed how the pandemic has impacted the nation


After a studio session, he planned to begin “Projek Happy“. The idea emerged after his producer said, “We need a lot of money to change the world, but we need the heart to give first. Then things gradually started”.

After seeing his neighbours suffering to make ends meet and children losing their happiness during the holiday season, Balan, moved to compassion contacted a few like-minded friends to help him out.

He started his service around Pandamaran Jaya

Alongside two teenagers from his neighbourhood, Balan walked to every home and delivered food items to families that needed it the most, bringing along with him Deepavali cheer and light.

Twenty brands and companies came forward to support his effort in helping the community. Clothing companies like BudakBaek, Tarik, Saint, Dope Machas and MMWW have donated t-shirts, masks and angpows.

Record and fashion brands such as PU4LYF, Third Eye Music, LAX Skinfood and Paradox Entertainment have sponsored groceries and angpows to selected families.

As a media representation, we from and Mojo Projects have provided them with groceries and cookies. Meanwhile, Ricksha Bangsar organised a 10-course lunch meal for one deserving family on Deepavali day.

Food businesses including Bose Briyani and Jungle Leaf delivered lunch and dinner to the neighbourhood. Communication firm CTCANAAN contributed groceries and presented motivating talks on work opportunities. 

H2GO Global, a Malaysian organisation committed to supply clean water to Orang Asli communities across Malaysia, provided 100 bottles of hand sanitizers. AtoZ Party supplies gave out party supplies and angpows to children below the age 12.

Bob Grocers gave fresh greens and crops from their Cameron Highland’s farm. Sinar Bumi donated 2 kg of seafood per household to 30 households. The Headmasters contributed free haircuts to the children in the neighbourhood. 

The list can go on and on, but Balan and his team have realised one thing in the process: We too can certainly make a difference in our communities.

Many of us are part of NGOs and networks that do good, but the vision of this movement has been devoted to those who stay anonymous and also to encourage other people to do so using the #ProjekHappy.

You can head to Third Eye’s Youtube channel to witness their service through Balan’s upcoming EP, ‘Kasse Happy’ featuring Black Yoda And titled ‘Projek Happy’