In recent times, the women in our society are definitely coming out of their comfort zones, soaring up the success ladder making remarkable achievements, earning a name for themselves in the society.

A very inspiring homemaker, who started of her passion has a doodle in class when she was small, has now started her own online business by creating beautiful hand-drawn painted portraits persuading her long time passion.

Sasikala Manogaran is a definite element of ingenuity by possessing such artistic talent, juggling motherhood and her passion with utmost flair!

Sasikala Manogaran

Aspired by her aunt, her inner passion in drawing was cultivated by watching her aunt draw during her childhood days. She then held the pencil by herself and started attempting her own portraits when she was in primary school.

Sasikala’s drawings were well embraced and appreciated by her teachers and her passion were encouraged and supported by them, leading her to explore her talent more.

Therefore, this constant uplifts from many eminent ladies in her life truly edified Sasikala to nurture and pursue her passion for drawing. However, as her motherhood began with the birth of her twins later in life, her passion was put to halt.

Sasikala Manogaran

Nevertheless, with continuous support and persuasion from her family, the mother of four now resumed her drawings again and even motivated her to start selling them online by making very creative portraits drawn with the resemblance of royal touch.

Sasikala Manogaran

We personally believe, women should never let any barrier come upon their dreams nor passion. No matter at what stage they are in their life, their efforts in developing their dreams should always be cheered on and elevated!

To those who wish to check out her page and are interested to have hand-drawn painted portraits of yourself, click HERE.

Kudos Sasikala Manogaran on this amazing venture! #AspiretoInspire

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