With a physique envied by many of his counterparts, even at the age of 72, Arokiasamy remains busy and actively engaged in the bodybuilding world.

We can’t deny the fact that his name is the exact resemblance of his body

He maintains his body fit and trains growing bodybuilders at his gymnasium – Arokiasamy Building Training Center in Teluk Intan. He might be unfamiliar to many, but he has obtained quite impressive results since he first started bodybuilding in 1969.


He had taken part in many  competitions, such as Mr Malaysia, Mr Universe and Mr Asia. He won the bronze medalist twice in the light heavyweight category in Kedah (1981) and Japan (1982) in Mr Asia

Back then, he received a silver in the lightweight category when bodybuilding was acknowledged as an exhibition sport at the 1989 Kuala Lumpur Games and also won a bronze medal in the middleweight category at the 1979 SEA Games in Jakarta.

Source: The Star

Despite going through struggles – Arokiasamy, who has built a reputation for himself, wants to pass on his legacy

Source : The Star

“I want to teach young people about bodybuilding and inspire others as long as I can through this sport,” Arokiasamy said.

Bodybuilding, however, was not his initial call.

“I used to play badminton, hockey, football and basketball at school. I’ve been really active. When I got out of school, I played rugby at a club in Teluk Intan, which used to be known as Teluk Anson,” he said.

Source: The Star

A friend of his introduced him to bodybuilding. He went to a competition in the 1960s when most of the bodybuilders were of other races. That time, Arokiasamy struggled as an Indian in the world of bodybuilding.

But nothing discouraged him from becoming champion of Mr. Lower Perak in 1969

That was his first milestone before he travelled around the world to compete in several other bodybuilding competitions. It was his desire to share his decade’s work expertise with others that led him to build his own gym in the 1990s.

And what makes his Jalan Sungai Nibong gym distinct compared to all the other modern centres is that he made most of his equipments from scrap metal  

He invested around RM12,000 to set up a gym on a piece of land near his home. He got materials from his nephew’s scrap metal business. It gives Arokiasamy a great deal of satisfaction to see young bodybuilders from his humble place rising to greater heights. 

“I train a few bodybuilders, and some of them have competed both in the local and overseas. It brings me so much joy and motivates me to continue as much I can,” he concluded proudly.

In those times, he was one of the very few bodybuilders of the nation. His great accomplishments and legacy should be celebrated and applauded in today’s era.


As the saying goes, “Praising people in private is good, but when it’s done in front of peers, it’s life-changing for all” – Orin Woodward.

It is a great honour to shine a spotlight on your legacy, sir!

Source: The Star

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