With the recent spike in Covid-19 cases in the country, it’s totally understandable to feel concerned, nervous, and even paranoid as you monitor the number of cases reported every day. 

Bukit Gasing assemblyman Rajiv Rishyakaran announced that his office is making private Covid-19 tests open to the public for a discounted price of RM70. The tests previously available for Bukit Gasing residents, uses the Ministry of Health (MoH) approved Antigen rapid test (RTK-AG) kits and beats the existing price at private testing facilities of RM150 to RM180 per test.


Rajiv has purchased the similar RTK-AG kits from the same supplier as the health ministry and are supplying these kits to participating clinics. The assemblyman managed to secure a reasonable bulk price, and are therefore available without subsidy to the public at RM70. The price was negotiable through the Standard Q test kits vendor. He is also calling on the health ministry to do the same.

“We also know that if these test kits are bought in a greater amount, the price can be lowered much more. Meanwhile, when it comes to testing, even MoH has limitations especially since their primary focus is on close contact and clusters,” Rajiv said. 

However, the health ministry announced yesterday that the RTK-AG testing at government facilities will be priced at RM60 for all Malaysian citizens.

At present moment, there are only two private clinics in the Bukit Gasing area interested in the initiative. Hence, Rajiv is encouraging the involvement of more clinics nearby. Due to the limitations at government hospitals for Covid-19 screenings and tests, many were turned away.

Those interested in the RTK-AG tests kits and have enquiries on the procedure, may reach out to Rajiv’s team via their WhatsApp contact number at 016-3064104. RTK-AG test kits currently have a 90 percent accuracy rating and can deliver results within 15 minutes.

Source: Malaymail