MySkills Foundation is an organisation formed solely to help Indian undergraduates and school dropouts. They have been assisting Indian youths to make their lives a success ultimately changing their status quo in society. 

The platform has grown to a rate where the Indian community has acknowledged their efforts. Perhaps MySkills is the only platform to help deter our young people from lagging behind because of underperformance and lack of school education, but also to prevent these children from committing crimes by joining gangs or getting involved in vice activities.


The foundation is not only focused on education but also determined to provide these youths with life long and social skills through various vocational training and leadership courses. The courses offered are fully accredited by the Skills Development Department. The MySkills campus is located in Kalumpang, Hulu Selangor and the good news is that hostel accommodations can accommodate up to 300 pax.

Students enrolled are also given uniforms and there is a punch card scheme to keep track of their attendance. The punch card system will ensure students don’t skip classes and are fully engaged in their lessons.

Source: MySkills Foundation Facebook

Through MySkills you will be able to develop your interpersonal abilities, and you will also be able to learn new skills and trade that will allow you to accomplish your family, professional or even social goals better. All in all, for those willing to share their knowledge and skills, the foundation can be a life altering and a very satisfying opportunity to take time off your busy lives, and give back to a cause that you are passionate about.

For more information, kindly refer to their official website here!