Running is not only an exercise for many people, but for some, a part of their lives. When they get to discover its tremendous benefits, then the sport is difficult to resist. For them running simply gives a feeling of satisfaction that is almost surreal, and offers effective relaxation. As such for the mind, running is pure therapy.

Having said that, the place where we run also plays a major role on making the experience more exciting.

Local daily, The star, asked three of the top runners in Malaysia to share their favourite spots for running. You may want to check them out and add them to your list – it can double up as a sort of family jaunt (ending with an ice-cream stop, perhaps that gets everyone out of the house for an hour or two.


1Sheela Samivellu, 40


Woman’s half marathon national record holder

Sheela started running when she was just a mere five-year-old and hasn’t stopped since. She’s the current national women’s half marathon record holder (1 hour 24 mins 44 seconds) and a perennial winner at the Kuala Lumpur Standard Chartered marathon.

These are her three top training spots:

  1. Putrajaya – There are many running routes in Putrajaya. I usually start from the Palace of Justice and then explore different routes.
  2. Taman Bukit Jalil – It’s quite a hilly location but it is safe for runners.
  3. Technology Park Malaysia – There is less traffic and you can do loops… as many as you want to reach your desired mileage.

2Soh Wai Ching, 26


Guinness World Record holder for the Greatest Vertical Height Stair Climbing in One Hour/KLSCM 2019 overall 10km champ

Soh Wai Ching achieved the World Record for the Greatest Vertical Height Stair Climbing in One Hour with a distance of 1.295km. Soh has been running since 2012, when his sister – also a runner – introduced him to the sport.

Now, he runs on the road about four to five times in a week and does stair-running also for four to five times a week. His fastest time for a 10km is 33 mins 37 seconds.

Soh’s favourite running routes in KL are:

  1. Sri Hartamas – I usually start around 6am from the Petronas station in Hartamas to Bukit Tunku and back which is about a 15km distance. It can get a bit dark, so do wear reflective vest or gear to stay safe and visible.
  2. Padang Merbok to Bukit Tunku and back for a comfortable 10km run – This route is really nice, surrounded by lots of trees, lush greenery and the air is fresh, especially the Bukit Tunku area.
  3. Kepong Metropolitan Park or Taman Layang Layang – I usually run loops around the park. Each loop is about 3.4km. This is where I first started running.

3Muhaizar Mohamad, 35


SEA Games marathon bronze medalist, perennial KLSCM marathon winner (Malaysian)

One of the country’s fastest marathon runners, Muhaizar (his personal best is 2 hours 26 mins 27 seconds) can’t wait to hit the road running after a month of abstaining from the sport he loves dearly due to a knee injury.

Here are his top three picks:

  1. Cameron Highlands – The weather is nice and cold. Also, the high altitude is really good for athletes or runners who want to improve on their performance.
  2. Bentong, Pahang – Though there are no high altitudes here, the weather is cool also and there are sandy routes that are better… less risk of injury compared to running on roads.
  3. Gurun, Kedah – Running in the palm oil plantations is really quite an awesome experience and you have both flat and hilly terrain for a good mix.

Source: The Star