In this revolving millennial era, many women have definitely bloomed out of their comfort zones breaking various stereotypical walls built by society!

Recently, an iron lady sparked the entire social media on fire with her astonishing venture by selling hot tea on a bicycle. Her spiced hot pipping masala tea is available in front of Pasaraya MAP, Seremban.

The sight which caught the attention of many was her stunning attire where she was all dressed up in a saree.

Sudar Oli Malaysia Facebook

Selling hot masala tea on bicycles is surely becoming a trend, ever since news on the young graduate selling tea at the colourful streets of Brickfields went viral.

Hopefully, this venture brings great success to those that have embarked on this journey, more so those that are in dire need to survive due to the economical effects brought about by the pandemic.

Starting up a business during such unprecedented times definitely takes a great deal of bravery and guts, hence they truly deserve the right spotlight and attention to flourish their business endeavors the right way!