How did he do it? That’s probably a question ringing in your curious mind.

Harsh Dalal at just 19 has received remarkable recognition for building a 25 Million Dollar Tech Startup of his own.

Now, wow that is mindblowing folks!

Image Credit: Young And Boss: Inside The Life Of A Teen App Developer, On The Red Dot

He is a student at Singapore’s polytechnic institution and is currently pursuing a Diploma in Business Administration. Harsh built the first ever screen recorder app when he was just 13 years old. The app had an immediate 5 million downloads within a few weeks!

As CEO of team labs, Dalal developed the 120-employee Team Labs business across eight cities and the clients of his company include the Coca-Cola Company, Google and Hilton.

This was a conjoined initiative done with his friends, while exploring through the techs available on his iPhone and eventually leading him to discover and invent the app. It was never an easy road and at times the young lad felt like quitting.

However, constant determination, an intriguing mind and skills helped give birth to this wonderful app!

Image Credit: Young And Boss: Inside The Life Of A Teen App Developer, On The Red Dot

Channel News Asia had highlighted Dalal as among one of the young entrepreneurs evolving Singapore into a futuristic nation, operating a USD 25 million tech startup under “On The Red Dot” detailing about software programming.

The Red Dot is the widely known nickname for Singapore, in which the channel runs regular stories about ordinary Singaporeans, showcasing their fortitude and identity.


In 2017, the company, with four applications, generated USD 9.8 million in Series A funding from investors including Grand Canyon Finance, Startup Capital Ventures and Korea Investment Corporation, a sovereign wealth fund. 

Dalal said for now, he keeps his choices wide, like whether to go public or leave after an acquisition, when asked if he harbours initial public offering (IPO) aspirations like many other tech entrepreneurs. Though his business was estimated at USD 25 million prior to COVID-19, he said that it was not however profitable.

Harsh Dalal being a corporate CEO to 120 employees globally also successfully manages time juggling between classes, homework and National Service!

A jack of all trades but certainly a master of tech! Well done Harsh, you are an inspiration to all upcoming young entrepreneurs out there.

Feature Image Credit: Media Corp