A Chinese boy hailing from Kuala Lumpur has enrolled at a vernacular school in an effort  to pick up the Tamil language.

Did you hear me right? Yes, he enrolled in a Tamil school with a cute Vibuthi on his forehead. Isn’t he cute?


This year, a Tamil vernacular school here is probably the only school in the country with A Chinese student enrolled. Nonetheless, it’s reassuring to hear that our primary school students are well cared for. In fact, it’s pretty amazing to see how SJK (T) Kampung Pandan, Kuala Lumpur is allowing people from diverse groups to learn about one another and even learn different languages.

SJK (T) Kampung Pandan was established in 1953 and has served as a pillar of support for the Indian community in Kampung Pandan and the surrounding areas. Thee school has enlightened Tamil students to be law-abiding, well-educated, and productive Malaysian citizens.