Pacing through motherhood whilst cradling her concrete jungle responsibilities, is a hefty journey for many. The emergence of the revolutionary era has however been a breaking point for most working mothers to crown their duties in utter magnificence.

I believe motherhood should never be the knot that bundles up a woman’s dream and passion into an element of obsolete that is left to dust-up at the corner in her life. Women should always brace every path of their life, thriving with superiority!

A huge shout out to all these successful mommies that rock both worlds in absolute bliss enfolding some much-needed inspiration for those that need it to kick start their desires and dreams to work!


1Revady Nadaesan

Doctor by profession, mother of three, and a style sifu on the gram glamming up her social media platform in utmost splendid style, this mommy surely has it all superintended well!

She doesn’t only stop there, she always spreads positive social messages and notes uplifting everyone out there to do better, enlightening them about gratitude for self evolvement.

2Thiviyah Nathan

An inspiring mother that carried everyone on board in her motherhood journey, sharing all about herself enlightening many out there, through her social media handle.

She is one of the proclaimed makeup artists in the country, adorning artists for top shows in Malaysia, and has her very own venture in beauty, cosmetics and personal care. Her crazy affection towards sarees and the most unique ways she adorns them is truly amazing and bewildering!

3Kamini Johnston

This mommy of two is a real fitness enthusiast, dripping her gram with her latest workout routines, fully transparent on meals of her day, and secrets behind, owning this killer bod after her pregnancies!

She is an accountant by profession but nonetheless, she also manages her time with her family well whilst juggling her fitness relationship.

4Gayethri Selva

A chef that fills her feed with eyegasmic food pictures, oozing out with tantalising flavors and recipes. This mommy is the full-time chef at her renowned family restaurant Passage Thru’ India.

Not only does her skills expertise on skillets and spices, but it also extends to baking yummylicious cakes and desserts. Those that would like to sink your mouth into her extravagant baking, she is just a dm away!

Being a mother is one of life’s most rewarding experiences. Every woman’s path to motherhood is distinct and lovely. I believe all these mothers here deserve so much more appreciation for bringing about a positive impact to society. Truly amazingly inspiring mommies!