The author of “The Basics,” Naresh Kumar, has earned the title of “First Mirror Writing Book” in the Malaysia Book of Records

Picture credit: ashwinpaul

This book, which was released in early March, has received widespread acclaim, and receiving this honour from Malaysia’s most prestigious organisation would have been a source of great pride. 

While holding the title firmly in his hand, the author stated;


This accomplishment is not something that I did alone, and there are many others who deserve to share this award with me. I would like to thank my editor, Santhya Vijayakumar first of all.

I would also like to thank my friends and family for their love and support throughout this journey of mine and many other adventures. 

According to a previous article on Varnam, the author also noted that he believes it is critical for each person to live up to his or her own belief system and to constantly improve one’s self-confidence and self-motivation in order to comprehend one’s own skill in achieving one’s goals and dreams. 

Picture credit: ashwinpaul

It’s a thoughtful move on the Malaysia Book of Records part to recognise an emerging talent like him. Rewarding this type of upcoming talent will not only encourage him to do better, but will also inspire others to strive towards their goals. 

At the end, Naresh Kumar also offered a small piece of advice to his fellow followers

Remember – if my work can make a difference, so can yours. Nothing is impossible.

Congratulations Naresh Kumar, on your outstanding accomplishment. Continue to inspire us!