You’re probably thinking NO FREAKING WAY. Football and serial??

Yes, they are two very different things – yet they resonate with people in the same manner. It’s impossible to watch football or serials without completely immersing yourself in them and letting yourself be absolutely consumed by them. There’s a reason why there’s even a song written about people watching serials and forgetting the world around them!


While they appeal to different sets of crowds and operate at different time zones and different languages, the outcome of watching either one is similar. Here are some reasons why watching football is the same as watching serials:

1) You are glued to the TV on a specific day & time

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You know how your mom insists on going home at 7.30pm sharp, or how she refuses to leave the house after dinner because she needs to catch her serial? That’s the same thing you do when there is a Manchester Derby. You clear out your schedule for the entire night, you sort out dinner, grab the remote, and make sure everyone knows what you’re up to, because once that match starts, you’re not going to move – unless it’s to jump and celebrate a goal.

2) You can’t hear anyone calling your name once the TV is on

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Once the serial starts, your mom tunes out from everything else. She can’t hear the phone ring, she can’t hear someone calling out to her from outside, and she can’t hear your dad asking for coffee. Heck, she won’t even realise that the earth’s tectonic plates are shifting and there’s an earthquake. Yes, that sure does sound like you when you’re watching football and the match is way into injury time.

3) You are glued to the seat – you don’t even take bathroom breaks

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I mean, is the call of nature more important than that dangerously close free kick? Or more important than whether or not Lekha will tell her husband about the abortion she had behind his back? Of course not, the bathroom can wait.

4) You are constantly yelling at the people on TV

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While your mom is yelling at Geetha because of the marriage-breaker that she is and how she should rot in hell; you are yelling at Jurgen Klopp for benching Coutinho and Firmino during the Merseyside derby. They can’t hear you — you already know that — but you need to get it off your chest!

5) There’s so much emotions going on!   

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There’s so much emotional turmoil going on when watching serial. You’re angry, because Valli did not listen to you when you told her to leave her husband, you’re sad because the evil mother in law is torturing poor Rani, and you get anxious because the villain with the knife was at the gate in episode 51 and now it’s episode 76 and he’s THIS CLOSE TO ENTERING THE HOUSE TO KILL DHURGA. When you’re watching football, you get extremely anxious because it’s Arsenal vs Tottenham and you need to win this North London derby, and you break down in tears when Arsenal (as usual) blows their lead and succumb to Spurs.

6) You love some characters, you hate some characters

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You either love them or you hate them – there is no in between. Your mom hates Ravi for killing his brother so he can inherit the family money, you hate Dejan Lovren for bringing down Daniel Calvert-Lewin inside the Everton penalty area – which gave the visitors a penalty. How could you Dejan, how could you? Go join Ravi in hell.

7) People around you NEVER get why this is so important to you 

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You are often met with questions like “What happens if you don’t watch it tonight?” (well how am I going to sleep peacefully then?), “Won’t there be a replay tomorrow?” (you’re kidding right, it’s NOT THE SAME), and “Why is this more important than me?” (Don’t take it personally, this is more important than ANYTHING ELSE).