Malaysian film director JK Wicky and his team are looking to trace old photographs of Malaysian Indians. This initiative aims to gather old photographs from 1910 to 1990 of Malaysian Indian communities.

He began the initiative as a way of preserving the Malaysian Indian community’s events, by using photographs that were produced before the digital revolution took place.

The filmmaker hopes to hold an exhibition once the project was completed.

“There are not many photographs narrating the stories of these communities during the early 1900s till late 1990s,” Wicky tells the Malay Mail. “With Malaysians now quarantined at home, they can scour through these old photographs and we can use them as a means of education and documentation purposes too,”

Wicky is the brains behind the Clean Thaipusam campaign that was a roaring success earlier this year.

All you need to do is to take a screenshot of these photographs, provide a short brief along with the year of the photo and send it to [email protected] 100 people with photographs that fulfilled certain criteria would receive prizes.

The submission period of the photographs will be from 1st April – 1st May 2020. You can be a part of this project by following the terms and conditions.

Check out JK Wicky’s Facebook page here.