PSA: If you don’t like watching movies, then allow me to redirect you to our other features! 

If you are wondering what the escape is, allow me to relieve your anxiety. Cinemas are reopening on the 1st of July! One of the activities that many of us missed the most during the movement control order (MCO) was going to the theatres. There is some sort of magic in being able to ESCAPE from your reality. 

Right from your drive to the theatres to buying your tickets, that feeling is inexplicable. Choosing your favourite snacks from their very overpriced menu is probably one of the most difficult decisions. The minor anxiety of wondering if someone is going to sit beside you. At least now that won’t be a worry anymore. 

Use this escape gracefully. Clean up after yourself and don’t have that mentality of “it’s their job”. Remember, for three whole months, many of us wished for this day.

One of my favourite memes is the one below. 

For many of us, a short escape from reality helps with our mental health. Boyfriend problem? Work drama? You name it. It is almost as close to eating ice cream. Imagine eating ice cream in a theatre, now that’s a million dollar idea waiting for you. Jokes aside, studies have shown that watching a movie helps one to cope with their mental health. 

Also, it is one of the cheapest options for entertainment. It is all about the timing and promotions. Do your research well and you will be able to save some money.

Please do not use your “student card” to escape from paying the original price unless you are still studying. These are difficult times for everyone. With kindness and honesty, it can really help to bring back the balance. 

Make sure you practice social distancing and wear your masks. One can never be too safe. 

Are you going to be at the theatres on the 1st of July or wait it out till the crowd dwindles down?