A typical Banana Leaf meal is always a comfy bed of food that no Malaysian says no to. The wide spread of mouthwatering delicious delicacies spread out on the fresh lime-green banana leaf gives you eyegasm by just the first look at it. Here are the must-try Banana Leaf meals that will keep you craving for more!

1Krishna Curry House

Krishna Curry House in Sungai Way is a hidden gem for those that savour claypot curries. They serve their best mutton and chicken curries in claypots. The soft succulent meat that just whither of their bones is slow cooked with home made recipes.


Their best seller is the mutton bone marrow curry. The buttery marrow just drops of from the bone and melts in your mouth with chettinad flavours. The spice and peppery flavours in the curry just hits you back giving you food coma. This restaurant serves one of the best bone marrow curry ever! The flavours and the smell of their curry is so strong, it lingers on your fingers for the entire day.

2Kanna’s Curry House, Seksyen 17

This restaurant has been serving their finest banana leaf meals for over 3 decades. At Kanna’s customers are given the privilege to choose their preferred ambiance to dine in, if they want to have it outdoor under the cherry trees or inside in an air conditioned room. The must haves at Kanna’s are their fried squid and crab curry.

The squids are marinated in spices making them extremely tender. They are later deep fried upon every order with thinly sliced onions and curry leaves giving you a hit of curry flavour from the leaves, and masala paste the squids were marinated in. The fried squid dish comes alongside the banana leaf spread, a portion worth the money. Their crab curry is prepared with a blend of spices from their in-house chefs. As you bite into each crab shell, the juice from the crab oozes out dripping from your mouth as the spicy flavours of the curry hits your taste buds creating an explosion of flavours with the fresh sweet crab flesh. This is a mouth watering dish you would definitely enjoy!

Reminder, this place offers banana leaf meals at any time of the day.

3Sri Pandis, PJ

A wide spread of food on your banana leaf is the mandatory one you get everywhere, but do you know what makes Sri Pandis’s food stand out from the rest?! Their spicy mint chutney they serve you with the rice. It’s their golden ticket that elevates the whole dish to another level, outstanding from the other banana leaf restaurants. As soon as you enter the restaurant, you are hit with a strong aroma of fried chicken and fish rising from the hot oil deep frying pan. Within seconds of siting at your spot, the workers rush to your table placing the leaf, rice and side dishes. Then comes the whole tray filled with the dishes available in the restaurant. The dishes varies everyday from fried items to your chettinand masala, curries and perattals of all sorts. Yummy!

You don’t get a menu card here to choose from, everything comes to you in a tray displaying all the dishes available at their restaurant and you pick what you want exactly from where you are seated.

4Ganapathy Mess

An eatery that gives you the comforts of home. The restaurant itself is located in a house among the housing area of Oldtown, PJ. It gives you an experience of coming to a feast in an Indian house.  You are greeted with steaming air gushing through your nostrils filled with the aromas of curries and to the sound of people buzzing away savouring the food. You will be seated at one of their rooms or the hallway and you get to experience authentic home cooked Indian food like Surra Puthu (Shark Fisk Puthu), fried chicken liver, fish cutlets. The show stoppers at Ganapathy Mess is their crab rasam and fried mutton. You will be able to experience plenty of solace, when your craving strikes for home cooked Indian food.

Crab rasam is an indian herbal soup with concentrated flavours of indian spices. Their spice and peppery is a must have to add a kick after a hearty meal. Rasam has many health benefits and is certainly good for your digestive system, working wonders after a heavy banana leaf meal. Rasam is an age old traditional recipe that has been a part of every Indian home and is also a form of comfort food. Alternatively, rasam also helps to cure the common cold, due to its healing ingredients infused with Indian spices such as cumin and kokum (a fruit-bearing tree with pharmaceutical benefits).

After each meal, you are given a sweet dessert, payasam in little tumblers to mellow down the spices of the curry. Often, the payasam is eaten by pouring it onto the banana leaf and by crushing some papadams on it. Now, devour it with the salty, tangy, sweet savoury flavour!

5Acha’s Curry House

Acha’s curry house serves the best curries in all banana leaf eateries in Kl and PJ. Their salted fish curry is a die for and can get you addicted. The star dish is their anchovy varuval. Crispy anchovies cooked with sweet caramalised onions over slight chilli powder is a must try. This restaurant is the only place that serves the best anchovy varuval.

This place only offers banana leaf meals till late evening and are closed at night. Come here for an early lunch to skip the lunch time queue waiting to dine.

Here are some amazing places we have listed down for you to satisfy your banana leaf cravings. Indulge and enjoy!