The uniqueness and talent possessed by two classical musical instrument players Ganesan Chellappah & Karthigesan Chellapah after years of musical training have now made a huge mark in the local music industry with a bang, of course!

Present with their passion and resilience and in the process of busting myths about the identity of their Indian classical music and culture would definitely in due time, take these two young men beyond our seas.

These twins have more in common apart from being identical, as they have remarkable music versatility that has made them a phenomenon in the Indian classical music platform. The 33-year-old Indian-rooted music duo creates music that is new and unique and has the feel of its Indian origins.

Source: The Star

They were raised together and their classical music preceptor, who is none other than their very own father has encouraged the twins to embrace their musical dreams together. They furthered their studies at Annamalai University, ranked as one of the best universities in India offering prestigious music degrees. 

The twins have specialised in each Indian classical instrument, where Ganesan plays the Thavil (a drum) and Karthigesan plays Nadaswaram (a wind instrument). These musical instruments are meant to be played simultaneously as it creates a rare combination of music and divinity. 

Nadaswaram or Nagaswaram?

In the Tamil language, Naga means serpent or snake, and the instrument was seen as a sign of a snake or Nagachinnam in the earlier days, hence the term Nagaswaram became popular among our Indian community. Nadaswaram is currently in vogue, reflecting the calming music of the instrument.

Thavil or Thakil?

The Thavil is a percussion from played alongside the double reed-wind instrument Nadaswaram. Thavil’s intense beats bring relieve to the listener while offering them a sense of fresh vitality from the pressures and stresses of everyday mundane life and rejuvenates them at the same time.

The social media platform has made them overnight sensations with their unplugged AR Rahman music cover.

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