Saree; a material birthed with various traditions and values, each made to delicately cater to the needs of the ones adorning it while, holding a special place in their life. The saree is donned by the women in our society has an emblem of pride, dignity, tradition and culture.

Resham By Sofistiq’s Official Facebook Page

Sarees are now being used to break multiple stereotypes in the society with women from all corners of the world, earning to be draped in this exquisite piece based on their own mod of preferences from pants, dresses, and even skirts equally expressing their respective admiration.

Resham By Sofistiq’s Official Facebook Page

Resham, a homegrown brand, is brought to you by 2 purveyors of silk sarees, Kumaraesinggam Balasingam and Navin Rajaratnam.

The masterminds behind Resham believe that a saree can be donned in multiple ways bringing adequate justice to its elegant demure. 

Resham By Sofistiq’s Official Facebook Page

In a notion to break the big wall of stereotype built by our Indian society, Resham has launched an amazing video featuring Yasmin Nadiah and Sharwita encrypting the classiness of draping a saree with enthralling techniques and design completely out of the norms.

Resham By Sofistiq’s Official Facebook Page

The idea behind this commercial was to bring to life a modern and fresh take to showcasing and draping a silk saree. The video was a conjoined work-ship with Sara a veteran singer, songwriter and musician, shot with a classy touch by Swans Wedding and styled by our very own Sanmuga Selvi of Desiglam.

Resham By Sofistiq’s Official Facebook Page

Both the eminent owners of Resham are brilliant intellectuals in their respective fields in the industry,  holding a name for themselves due to their passion and artistic desire towards the 6 yards of elegance.

The pioneers of Resham are professional workaholics who juggle the role of immigration specialist and marketing specialist with work experience of over a decade alongside the role of a makeup artist being the creative director of Sofistiq Bridal and an entrepreneur owning Resham as a side gig.

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Resham was started by them as an initiative to pursue their eloquent interest in fashion and culture. The owners incorporated and established their in-depth passion breaking all voids faced by the women in our society, bringing eccentric pieces of sarees that are weaved by the finest and purest materials from our motherland India to Malaysia.

Check out their designs here on the official Instagram handle:

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Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. Handloom silk sarees are pieces of wearable art that artisans take weeks and months to painstakingly and lovingly loom. So celebrate your handloom silk sarees by draping and styling them uniquely. Resham by Sofistiq • The purveyor of silks Sarees @resham_by_sofistiq Muse @yasminnadiah and @sharwita Concept & Styling Glamologist @sofistiq_bridal Jewellery @mvsecretboutique_jewellery Gold Bangles @megalagoldcovering Photography & Videography: @swanswedding Bespoke blouses Song @sia.saara . . . . . #kanchipuram #southindianweddings #kanchipuramsaree #kanchipuramsilk #kanchipuramweddingsaree #kanjivaram #saree #kanchipuramsilksaree #tamilbride #kanchipuramhandloom #kanchipuramsilks #brideessentials #kalyanam #weavesofindia #silk #silksarees #pattu #weddings #kanchi #kooraisaree #southindianbride #southindianfashion #indianbride #tamilwedding #indianweddingdress

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Kumaraesinggam Balasingam and Navin Rajaratnam were prompted to bring Resham alive for a sight in a label that brings upon the highest quality of premium silk sarees.

Resham also aims to uplift the saree industry by dealing with the best weavers from the industry by compiling the sarees of the finest quality and exclusive silk sarees to the women here in our country.

We at Varnam strongly believe that a saree depicts multiple values of Indian traditions and is an epitome of a huge legacy. The 6 yards of sophistication worn and brought to us over centuries of traditions should be valued and be dressed up in any style to the comforts of the women whilst highlighting its virtuous values. 

So shout out to all ladies out there to check out Resham’s latest collections here on their official Instagram & Facebook handle. Grab their one-of-a-kind silk sarees in order to rock the upcoming festival of lights with utmost finesse and glamness!