The Bagavadh Gita is said to be an epic scripture for Hindus, and we often hear people say, “Open any page of it and you will get an answer”. Well, it’s not just merely about Mahabaratha or the Gurukshetra War. 

Despite being a religious book, The Bagavadh Gita is more than that, it’s a book that shows you a way to live. Let’s eliminate the religious component of this book and learn the values and insights of the book. It is important to take a deep dive within these kinds of books to awaken our inner wisdom, crucial to our self-growth.


5Change is constant

We do frown with change often. Change that we notice from a spouse or family member always hurts us. But we also need to adapt and learn that nothing is permanent in our lives. Earth, weather, time, and even humans are undergoing change. We grow and evolve, and there’s nothing we can feel demeaning about. So, embracing change makes you coherent enough to face any unpleasant circumstances in your life.

4Lust, Anger & Greed are a sign of self-destruction

The excessive desire of the above-mentioned elements will just turn anyone into an evil human species. To put it more simply, too much in need of sex can turn you into a pervert. Rage on the other hand scares people away, including your loved ones. Lastly, greed is never going to let you be genuinely happy. Remove self-destruction thoughts and do not live on the notion that if people like you, they will similarly accept your actions even if it’s problematic. Even saints have a limit for patience.

3 Make friends with your mind

Buddhism has a metaphor that says, “The mind of a monkey,” which describes how human minds often becomes confused and struggle to cope with complex thoughts. But Gita says that we should be a friend of our minds, ultimately you will become the master of your thoughts and inspire you to do what you want to do. So we have to make it a habit to communicate with our minds correctly by meditation, reading good books, and surrounding ourselves with the right people.

2Living in the present

We all know that we cannot alter the past. We can’t predict the future, either. Then the only thing we’ve got is this moment we’re in. There is no point stressing about things we can’t control. We therefore need to learn how to live in the present, ‘living in the moment‘ they say. Make living as lovely as possible, smiling at strangers, showing kindness to everyone you come across, hugging your friends, and just being happy. There are no steps or pathways to happiness, the path itself is happiness. Think about that.

1Work for the welfare of others

We, humans, seldom think about anyone. We are just worried about ourselves, family, and friends. We seem to be less worried with the rest of the world. The Bagavadh Gita says such a way of life, results in selfishness. Whatever action we take, it should be such that it is intended to make the world a better place and help to connect people around us.

Honestly, there are many more lessons from the Gita and these are just a few of them. It is very important to have a form of guidance to live a proper life. Not necessarily the Gita, it can be any book that we come across. It can even be a simple story book filled with insights.

Without proper guidance, we can easily be led astray. We need to build ourselves into a better being as the Gita says “Let a man raise himself by his own efforts. Let him not degrade himself. Because a person’s best friend or his worst enemy is none other than his own self”.