Have you ever been intrigued by a lovely kolam in front of a Hindu home during the festive season?

Well, in fact, kolams are not only drawn during the festive season, but they are practised daily in some regions in India. It’s part of their daily routine to draw a kolam on their doorstep.


Based on one of the tales mentioned in the ‘Puranas,’ Goddess Lakshmi is believed to have lived in a clean house, a clean entrance purified with cow-dung and adorned with beautiful ‘kolams’

Here are a few pretty kolam designs to choose from since Deepavali is just around the corner and a home without a lovely kolam is going to be very bare.

1Floral Kolam 

Floral kolam is the simplest of all styles. This design begins from the middle and extends the circumference with an easy petal design. However, the colour palette for this kolam should be vibrant and vivid, as this style is more colour-oriented.

2Peacock Kolam 

The peacock and its feather are of great significance in Hinduism. Lord Krishna wears a peacock feather on his crown. Lord Karthikeya uses the peacock as his mode of transport. It illustrates grace, defence and life.

3Ganapati Kolam

The elephant-headed lord in Hinduism is idolised as a God of beginnings. His sacraments expressed in a kolam’s art form will be a great blessing to all the guests visiting your home. Honestly, he is also one of the cutest gods to be featured in your kolam artwork.

4Oil lamp Kolam

This kolam has an oil lamp or ‘aghal vilakku’ custom designed for the Deepavali festival. A shloka that says Tamasomā jyotir gamaya means “lead me to light from darkness.” It’s the ideal design to reflect the true meaning of the festival.

5Sanskrit Aum Kolam

This is a very important word when it comes to Hinduism. The holy sound and the divine symbol are the source of the true truth, consciousness or Atman. Welcoming the visitors thus getting this sign in the kolam would also increase spiritual vibration and well-being.

It is believed in Hinduism that designing A ‘kolam’ outside the doorway brings blessings and prosperity, while also making the place look so beautiful and welcoming. 

As such, enjoy this Deepavali whilst also decorating your home with these gorgeous Kolam designs.

You might also want to ask Mr. Google for more creative designs. Quickly pick your favourite kolam and get prepared with the coloured rice, since Deepavali is just a week away.

On that note, we from Varnam wish all Malaysian Hindus a great Deepavali celebration with your family. Also, stay safe and stick to the SOPs imposed by the government.