The founder of thestyles_bysha, Usha Devi Ganeshwaran is a famed and talented makeup artist who has worked with so many artists in Malaysia. She collaborated alongside Yasmin Nadiah, Santhi Rayan Barr, and recently Ahila Shanmugam for her big day.

Thesyles_bysha Instagram

Three days ago, she posted a video featuring two stunning models, dolled up to showcase the brides from the South and North India.


Her post states;

Unity comes from within, it doesn’t matter whichever side of the country you fall under. What matters is that you respect and appreciate cultures from all over the world.

As Indians, we’re often separated based on which side of India you originate from. Unity comes in many forms but mainly from within. Cultures are one way to demonstrate solidarity and to appreciate and connect. These two beautiful girls have come to reflect and bind their communities.

And if the styles of the north and south Indian brides vary, the distinctions have yet to be acknowledged and accepted. We shall build and show the harmony on being an Indian.

Thestyles_bysha Instagram

I believe the uniqueness of being an Indian is that we have a vast variety of distinct cultural styles that all of us can embrace regardless from which part of India we originate.