Heads up, guys!

Who said lockdown couldn’t be cultural? Let’s forget about the pandemic, as there is an online art exhibition going on right now!

This event is made possible with the existence of online art exhibitions such as ‘Memento’ which have been curated by an emerging artist in Malaysia, Previta Karthigesu. She has been the mastermind of this event and is gaining momentum amongst art enthusiasts and fellow Malaysians alike.


So, what is ‘Memento’ all about?

‘Memento’ is a digital exhibition that will act as a shield for people to let go of this year’s physical and emotional freights. This exhibition will be a space that might allow funders and readers alike to find an avenue to embellish their stories and connect them. Previta invites all individuals to share their fascinating perspective on letting go and looking forward to the future from a new lens.

Our Story, a sub-page of Memento would stand as a sharing platform for anyone who’d like to share their write up. Previta, would use the opportunity to create minimalist visuals in drawing form to accompany each of the submissions posted online. The page is slated to go live on the 26th of March, 2021.

Click here to view a wave of wonderful, forward-thinking art pieces that have been sent by other individuals. 

The exhibition runs until the 1st of March 2021 so don’t wait any longer. 

Share your stories now by clicking the link here!

Well, who is Previta Karthigesu ?

A passionate emerging artist with extensive experience when it comes to both contemporary and fine arts. She was serving in the marketing and creative design field, after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree from Bath School of Art and Design, in 2017. Despite her heavy workload, Previta was still retaining her passion in the arts field. Her pieces are thought-provoking abstract sketches, sculptures, and works of installation that challenge the nature of human mortality. Her emphasis is on the ongoing discovery of human experiences that are ever-changing.

Though physical exhibitions have clear advantages, Previta also sees the online version as a good introduction for beginners. 

For more information on the online art exhibition, click here!