Rudraksha mala prayer beads near Kathmandu Nepal.

We have come to the final part of Sacred Monday Mornings where we deliver the knowledge of each type of rudraksha according to the cuts or also called as “Mukhi”.

1Fifteen Mukhi Rudraksha

This fifteen-cut rudraksha brings health benefits to the wearer. It is known that this heals the chakra of the heart. Any heart-related discomfort will vanish. It also develops an individual’s instinctive powers to such an extent that the wearer is sometimes able to judge beforehand and take the correct actions at the right time.


2Sixteen Mukhi Rudraksha

This rudraksha protects you and releases fear and insecurity of all kinds. It frees you from the fear of death and it cures illnesses. It is a powerful protector against negative forces. In victory and grace, this will enable you to rise.

3Seventeen Mukhi Rudraksha

With great power and divine magnetism, wearers of the seventeen mukhi rudraksha will be able to live. Vishakarma, the builder of the universe, is associated with it. The wearer of a Rudraksha bead of this kind will be filled with abundance.

4Eighteen Mukhi Rudraksha

This is a rare thing and is the strongest bead of prosperity. This is the rudraksha of our Mother Earth. You will gain immense wealth by wearing its bead; helping to achieve self-confidence and low self-esteem. Make a man patient, too, and eliminate the vice of lust and attachment.

5Nineteen Mukhi Rudraksha 

The 19-cut rudraksha creates satisfaction within you. In business, in love and in life in general, this bead will help you attract everything you want. It is also recognised for various advantages such as karma bondage, all kinds of health issues, dualities (joy, pain, like, dislike, sorrow, pleasure, etc.) and ignorance that are obstacles to business or employment prosperity.

6Twenty Mukhi Rudraksha 

Lord Brahma, the creator of the Universe, rules the twenty mukhi rudraksha. This Rudraksha bead stimulates its wearer’s knowledge and intellect. This gives you powerful strength and fulfilment of desires.

7Twenty one Mukhi Rudraksha 

This is the rarest rudraksha bead that allows the wearer to be blessed from all angles. It’s a very powerful protector. For individuals who are actors and work in multinational businesses, it is very good. This rudraksha opens the third eye chakra that governs clairvoyance, sharpness and higher state of mind. Twenty One Mukhi Rudraksha is also very helpful for individuals in gem and jewellery businessmen.

It should be clear to anyone who wears rudraksha that wearing rudraksha does not give you a licence to commit any kind of sinful acts. To give strength and purity to one’s inner healings is a great virtue. 

It should be understood, the effectiveness of these beads when worn on the body is still being studied. Its surface topography, electro-magnetic properties such as capacitance, inductance etc, and its digital biological effects needs to be further evaluated. 

I believe you now know which type of rudraksha is most suitable for you.On that note, have a great week ahead folks!

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