Let’s get a dive on a girl from Klang who is not only a space enthusiasts, but always challenged herself to make her infinity and beyond dreams a reality.


Vanmitha, a second year student from the University of Science Malaysia (USM) who is currently studying Aerospace Engineering, has been chosen as the Malaysian representative in the 2020 Career Astronaut Competition.

This 20-year-old began her quest to embark on her curiosity about all things space when she was 10 years old. Do you remember a movie called ‘Zathura?’ She cited her love for the movie which was influential in helping her spark an interest in space related topics including rocket-launching events.

“I would keep myself up to date with the latest news on space related matters,” she told The Sun.

From A.P.J Abdul Kalam to Dr. Sheik Muszaphar Shukor, Vanmitha draws inspiration from them as she voyages into the space realm.

The Career Astronaut Engineering Competition provides STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and art-focused individuals from a range of backgrounds a chance to experience space preparation, potential space exploration and space-related career opportunities.

“My passions range from stargazing to watching eclipses. I love everything about space for the mystery it holds.”

However, it has not always been easy to pursue her ambition. Many hindered her claiming that she was unfit for this kind of job because of her physical appearance. She was implicitly told to give up on her dream.

Her efforts to be part of space-related international programmes were rejected, causing mockery and sneer from relatives. Vanmitha, however, remained undeterred. She continued to pursue her dream, sticking to her motto, “Life is to live the dream you want to achieve.”

She set herself a target, and she worked to accomplish it. “I scored 9 As in my PT3 exams and 10 As in SPM and was enrolled for a matriculation programme and eventually a place in the engineering faculty at Universiti Sains Malaysia,” she said. She also joined multiple interest groups, such as the Malaysia Space Initiative, where she gradually became a member of the committee.

At the international level, Vanmitha participated in the 71st International Astronautical Congress 2020, the largest space conference in the world.

She also has a couple of achievements which includes the engagement of global leaders in the international space community. Her lecturer Dr Norilmi Amilia Ismail and Brelveenraj Kaur from Malaysia’s National Point of Contact for Space Generation Advisory Council offered her a lot of motivation and encouragement.

In spite of all those words that were hurled Towards her, she was really Head Strong in achieving her dreams despite all the criticism that she encountered, and she always worked hard on them, hoping that some day she would ‘really reach the starS’  

Vanmitha also has a pearl of info for anybody who dares to dream big. “Always set life goals. The sky is literally the limit, so strive to accomplish what you want.”

Someday, this young lass would sure reach the stars!

Source: The Sun Daily