Shantanand Festival of Arts (SFA) will be on its last leg this weekend. Held at the Temple of Fine Arts (TFA), Kuala Lumpur, there are going to be performances, workshops and talks for attendees to indulge in on the 7th and 8th of December.

Here are 8 events happening this weekend that you cannot miss!


Dance showcase

Three fusion dance showcases will be held during the dance showcase on Saturday, 7th of December. Bayu Utara is a fusion of Kathak and Zapin dance forms, presented by Akshobhya Bharadwaj and Imran Syafiq. Bayu Tenggara depicts Chinese classical dance melded with barathanatyam, performed by Kimberly Yap, while Bayu Semasa will feature hip hop and odissi fusion, performed by Swati Sivadas and Faillul Adam.

Interlace togetherness with Kathak and Zapin

The duo working on Bayu Utara will also be conducting a workshop on the fusion of both dance forms. Join Akshobhya Bharadwaj and Imran Syafiq as they delve into their passions with this workshop.

Varma Acupuncture Treatment

A Varma acupuncture physician will be present on both days. Those interested may make an appointment by contacting the Festival organisers. Each person is given a thirty minute slot for consultation and treatment with physician Mahaguru Dr Kanniappan.

Urmylla Radha Krishnan’s Cupcake It Out

Urmylla, better known as Urmy, will be sharing her tips and tricks when it comes to decorating cupcakes. Each participant of this workshop goes home with some pretty amazing goodies, and this includes a few of Urmy’s cupcakes and Urmy’s egg-free cake mix.

Enhanced Beauty by Hadhi

Famed dancer, fashion designer and entrepreneur Harshini Sukumaran will be conducting a workshop that encompasses makeup, saree tying and much more, on both days of the weekend.

Breathe with Yoga

Ready to learn some yoga and breathing techniques? Yoga teacher Kumar Superamaniam is all set for this workshop that will be held on Saturday, 7th of December.

Coffee with Dr Anis

This is a colloquium titled Tilting the Balance: Temple of Fine Arts, Extent and the Future – Reflections and Ruptures of Indic Performing Arts in Malaysia by the eminent Professor Dr Mohd Anis Md Nor. Held on Sunday, the 8th of December at 10 am, this session is bound to be a thought provoking one replete with a question and answer session.

Hrdaya – Heartstrings

This one-of-a-kind performance is set to enthrall the audience with a depiction of emotions through music, dance, poetry and visual arts. Check out what the composer, Kalpana Paranjothy, had to say about the performance here.

There will be other workshops and events to check out at the Temple of Fine Arts this weekend, here is the full list!

For more information on tickets and events, please call 03-2274 3709. Alternatively, visit the Shantanand Festival of Arts official website here.

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