It was an exhilarating moment when two Malaysian indian teachers enthralling dance performance was recognised with the awarding of a Diploma Certificate during an online dance competition held virtually in France, Paris.

Tamil School teachers Retha Nadarajah and Uma Navalingam won the “Grand Prix – World Dance Vision 2020” International Online Dance Competition. The online competition was held on the 14th of August which witnessed the participation of dance enthusiasts and talents across the globe. Both teachers emerged as winners of the prestigious online dance competition. It always gives you immense satisfaction when your hard work is acknowledged and appreciated.


As we try and adapt to the realities of the new normal, such times present as great opportunities for us to unleash our creativity and talent by showcasing them to the world, why not?! through such competitions at the comfort of our own homes.

The teachers have made a mark in the world of dance. Honestly, our local Malaysian indians have put in great work in 2020 through various inventions and initiatives that has made the nation proud.

Congratulations Retha Nadarajah & Uma Navalingam on your award and splendid performance!