Bintang Minnal @ RTM 2020 has been going on in full swing and the eight finalists have been chosen. These budding young singers qualified themselves for a lifetime opportunity to be crowned as the winner of Bintang Minnal @ RTM2020 and will be competing for first place in front of an exclusive audience on 3rd October 2020 at Auditorium Perdana Angkasapuri.

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Bintang Minnal 2020 Semifinalists ❤

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These outstanding young talents, who have made it to the grand finale worked hard in perfecting their craft. They’ve won the hearts of the judges and audiences, not only for their excellent voice but for their personality, discipline, and charisma. They come with the complete package, and boy are we impressed!

The singers selected to compete in the grand finale of Bintang Minnal @ RTM 2020 are Arulini, Gayathiry, Piraveen, Dhanasegarran, Ruhan, Michelle Grace, Thiviyashini, and Jaya Bharkavee.

A total of 200 young vocalists took part in the contest by uploading singing videos showcasing their talent along with the hashtag #minnalstar2020 on Instagram.

All the participating singers have their unique strengths, and the best part is that the contestants don’t see this as a competition, but as a way of bettering themselves and having fun at the same time.

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