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Indian mothers are one-of-kind. They are firm, strict, and scary, but at the same time, you know they love you more than anything else in the world. They are old-fashioned, they hold on strongly to traditions and cultures. They are all about the tough love (unless you’re the only boy in the family), they can be overprotective and overbearing, but it’s all for your own good – or so they say.

As much as we cannot take their nagging sometimes, we absolutely miss it when they’re not around. Here are some things that most Indian mothers tell their children:

1) Mom: You paid 10 dollars for that coffee? 


Me: It’s Starbucks. 

Mom: So? No coffee at home ah? 

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2) Mom: We have to attend this wedding? 

Me: Why? 

Mom: Otherwise no one will attend yours! 

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3) You want to help in the kitchen? No need, go and study.

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4) Nobody in this house ever helps me with anything! You all will only realise when I die. 

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5) Why are you on the phone for so long? What business are you running? 

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6) Me: *Breathes*

Mom: Are you crazy? What will people say? 

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7) Me: *bra strap showing a little*

Mom: Don’t need to wear anything lah. Why are you wearing clothes at all? 

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8) Can you please use that Fair & Lovely I bought you? And stop going out in the sun!

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9) Don’t laugh too much, you’ll cry later. 

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10) What? You cannot find it? What if I come there and I see it? 

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11) You think this is a house or a hotel? 

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12) One day you will have your own children then you will know! 

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13) Sleep lah. Sleep until 12. Very good. It will bring luck for the whole family.

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14) It’s Friday. You didn’t wash your hair?? 


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15) Mom: Why are you giving me the safety pin on my hand? You want us to fight? 

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16) Why are you playing with the door? You want us to fight?

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17) Why are you wearing black? Too much good luck already is it? 

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18) What time did you come back last night? Your watch is for decoration is it?

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19) He’s a boy, it’s okay. He can come back late. 

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20) He’s a boy, it’s okay, I can wash his plate. 

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21) Me: Mom, do you love me? 

Mom: If I don’t, will I be cooking for you and washing your clothes everyday? 

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22) Are you talking back to me??

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What are some of the things your mom tells you? Share them with us in the comments below.